You have a contract. Now what do you do?

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    Wow, that didn’t come out right. My bad. Let’s try it again…

    Skua77 — Happy sunrise! Congrats on another winter.

    Mike — Enjoy chch for me… I’m going through withdrawals.

    Rox — *sigh*, what can I say? You’ll have to get along without me this year.

    BoulderGeek — you still kicking? Toasty or just lightly tanned? Enjoy Sastrugi Cafe for me.


    Hotel plan is working pretty good. Most people picked the nicer places. I’m in the Y. We are so backed up the people in the windsor are having to double up. A few others are moving. The Y is pretty quiet and still has rooms.

    The shuttles are by voucher and that works well too. we used to have to pay out of our pocket, but the program is paying all the shuttles for us.
    We’ve got 4 flights in town at once. It’s beginning to look like Little McMurdo.

    glenn, I feel for you. Cheech has your name written all over it. We did some geocaching yesterday at the park and surrounds. Today was wash day for me. Maybe Sumner tomorrow.

Viewing 2 posts - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)
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