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    Sad thing is I still have 2 openings at Rayjobs listed as Received and In Review.

    I wish they could have done something with those..

    Guess there is always next year.


    Ok, so i am packed, have all my flight and hotel info and leaving this sunday….anything thing else to know or last minute advice for the journey???
    Can’t wait to meet everyone! Kristina


    Hello Kristina,
    Nope… now you just relax – and enjoy the journey! I remember last year (my first time) at the Denver airport, looking at all the people with a backpack, wondering if they were going south, too!  I met my first new friend while waiting in the shuttle line.  Up until that point – I was a little nervous about going so far away from home…. ALONE…   Nope, from then on, there was always someone I knew!
    Look me up – I’m in Shuttles!  I’ll take ya on some grand tours!  (I don’t leave until for another week. …. the 30th…) 
    Shuttle JoJo


    I’m arriving Sunday at around 130pm. See you then.
    I’m at the Holiday Inn Select in Parker. I’ve never been there before. I’m usually put at the Staybridge.
    Leaving tuesday from denver to the ice. Staying at the YMCA in Cheech.


    My flight gets into Denver at 710pm and will be at the Holiday Inn in Parker as well….look forward to meeting you!


    I misread the ticket. I’m arriving Denver at 4:05.



    just stayed at Holiday Inn Select – nice place w/ gym and pool, couple restaurants across the parking lot.


    I can’t believe they’re making people stay way down in Parker.  That’s a little bit of a drive into the office, isn’t it?  Really surprised they’re not putting people in Motel 6’s all over the area.
    Cuts, cuts, and still more cuts.  That’s pretty much the theme of the season.
    Mainbody starts TOMORROW!  New blood, and fresh faces.  Time to get some toasty winterovers outta here, too.  Big exodus of them this week.
    Short Win/Springfly this year.  I don’t think everything got done that needed to get done.  One of them being the OPENING OF THE COFFEE HOUSE!!!  Three weeks, and still no place to relax, and enjoy my hot chocolate!  Hopefully soon, though.
    So, come on down, everyone!  The weather’s fine, and the pool is heated!
    See you soon.


    Ah, the pool (a.k.a. the fire suppression reservoir). That was such a great idea, I’m glad they did it. Since the water has to be kept warm to put out fires, just leave the top off the tank so we can go for a swim… I actually liked that hike up the hill for my daily splash. I keep hoping they’ll expand more of the greenhouse into the pool room as well, since it’s already warm and wet in there.

    I miss the pool.


    Yeah, with all the budget cuts, they’re having to delay the building of the new greenhouse/atrium/pool.  Saw the drawings, though – it looks GREAT!


    I’m here at the Holiday Inn in Parker. Nice place. They have a nice restaurant on the 4th floor. Your first night the hotel gives you a Ten Dollar coupon/coin to apply to your first meal. The Kobe beef hamburger is 14 dollars, so with the coin was a pretty good deal.
    I’m all excited, We get to spend the day in orientation. I can’t wait to get back here and go back to the 4th floor restaurant.
    Atlas, Can you see what you can do to get the coffee house opened by the time I get there later this week. It just wouldn’t be right not to know where to meet you.
    And what happened to Roxannie?  She gets to the ice and just forgets about the rest of us.


    Hello – I head to Denver tomorrow!!!
    So that will put me on the ice around Sunday. (Give or take a nice weather delay or 2 in Christchurch.)
    Oh… and thanks for whoever remembered to post the link to the McMurdo webcam. I’d forgotten it was there. It was great to show people.
    See you soon. Taking last minute requests for anything you forgot!  
    Going once…. twice………
    Shuttle JoJo


    The flights are all backed up in Cheech. I’m on the third flight. The first flight still hasn’t left. They were supposed to fly on tuesday, it’s now friday and they haven’t left yet. We won’t be out till at least Monday or tuesday now. Time to enjoy Cheech. This doesn’t happen often.


    All the flights are still backed up. It’s looking like tuesday for us.


    Yeah, we’ve been watching those flights get cancelled…how is the new RPSC hotel arrangement working so far???

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