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    just a reminder from a toasty winter ecw resupply guy to all winterovers. please make sure you get all your gear at the cdc and donʹt expect to find it on the ice. the stuff we have here is limited.the gear bags you will be set up with at the cdc will have your basic kit, usually two of everything and it seems like a lot. but it isnʹt for a full year. everybody will need at least one more pair of gloves than you get and most will need more gear than that. if youʹre a fng, ask the people who have been there before. and take your time. thereʹs no need to rush. the cdc people are very cool and usually can get you everything you want.if you want more gloves, an extra hat or whatever, go up and ask for it (take your sheet of paper with you so you donʹt have to run back and get it). if you want a wind coat and didnʹt get one. ask for it. doublecheck your gear … if you came down as a cook last year and this year you are a seal scientist, return the cookware and get rubber rain/wet gear. if you are an insulator or work in trades, get an extra set of carhartts and five extra pairs of gloves. get a dozen of those blue liners or as many as theyʹll give you. ok, enough tips … just thought iʹd share before winfly. have fun … see you in october.-b

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