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    It’s about time for WINFLY. Are they doing a WINFLY or a SPRINGFLY?? Will they be useing night vision goggles? Trying to get some activity on the discussion board.
    cap’n steve


    Best I can tell Steve is that the flights have started and they are so far, daylight flights


    Things are a little different this year–what else is new? There were only two Air Force C-17 flights this year–one with passengers and one with cargo which was supposed to be a night vision goggles flight. There will be 3 more early flights in early September, the last one on the 8th–these will be mainly passenger flights using the Australian A-319 Airbus. Here’s a brief Antarctic Sun article, and here’s a 3 News NZ video showing some of the passengers just before takeoff There are a couple of strange stories about some of the cargo but I don’t really know enough to say anything.


    I can say first flight made it in on Thursday with 50 people, mostly fleet ops, traverse and VMF. Weather was perfect and temp was around 5 degrees + or – which is warm for this time of year. Second flight came in delayed by a day but they did three touch and go of NVG landings and delivered freshies. Big smiles all around for us winter overs. This was my first winter and it has been great but definitely glad to see the sun creeping up over the horizon. Most of the winter people will be leaving at the start of mainbody. We do have three more flights coming in the first week of SEPT. So it is kind of WINFLY and SPRINGFLY. I usually come in on those flights so it is cool to be here to see the new people coming in all cranked up. It has been a challenging but great season.

    Big D


    Thanks for the status, Big D!

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