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    Ok, I uploaded my resume for a few positions. I keep reading that it is important to many times to make an impression. But call to who? HR? Does it apply only if you went to the job fair? Thanks, Bing 🙁


    Urk. That’s a hard one unless you made some contacts either at the job fair or somewhere else. You may be stuck just waiting. (Mike, comments?)

    BTW Bing, do you happen to have a degree in physics or geosciences?


    It all depends on the job you are applying for.

    I would call HR and ask them to put you in contact with the person who does the hiring for they job you are interested in. If I had more info to go on I might be able to tell you who to contact.


    I’ll echo the response of antarctic cat. If you didn’t go to the job fair and you don’t get hired you might consider going next year. The only really great reason to go is to get names of people to keep in touch with. If you are really lucky, when you do call back the person actually remembers you. Without the personal contact you are at a distinct disadvantage, but not a hopeless one.
    I would call RPSC and take your chances that someone might put you in touch with the right person. Be prepared that right now most of the positions will have been given out for the upcoming season. That said also be prepared that a fair number of the first picks will either back out at the last minute or flunk the physical. That will be your best “in” ,to be patient and be ready to go in an instant. If you do get the call to be an alternate then be proactive and get all the medical done as fast as possible. If the first choice person doesn’t get their medical done by the deadline, you will probably have an opportunity to slide into their spot. It’s all very difficult your first time in. Once here it’s a lot easier to be rehired for the next season.
    Mike in Mcmurdo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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