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    I was wondering when raytheon generally releases the dates for the job fair? I have been checking back with them for a few months now and the dates for March of 2008 are still the only thing up.

    Also do you guys think it matters if I go to the very 1st fair where ever it maybe or should I make a point to go to the one in Centennial, CO seeing how its the home base for the polar services?

    As always thank you guys for your input ahead of time. You’ve been a big help for me.

    Thanks again, Jake


    Hi Jake,
    Last year they didn’t release the dates until 2-3 weeks before the job fair.  From everything I’ve read on this (awesome!) board, that seemed later than normal so just keep checking back at the RPSC website starting sometime in mid-Feb. 
    If you end up going to the job fair in CO, my husband and I will see you there as we’re finally throwing our hats in and applying for the 09-10 season.


    There have  been some changes in the hiring process. Primarily, HR prescreens the applications and forwards the apps to the hiring managers in small bundles of 50 or some similar amount. After going through that group, they ask for the next 50.
    That in mind, you will want to apply for the job the day it appears on the website. To get through HR your resume will have to match the job qualifications. Most qualified people who do not get forwarded on do not have a good resume. Make sure the resume matches the job.
    In a perfect world, you are the first to apply, you get your app through HR. The managers like you. You get hired.
    I’ve heard some stories of managers wanting to hire somebody, but they can’t because HR hasn’t forwarded the application. Having your app passed on seems to be the most important thing to do before anything else, so be very careful about making a good resume that shows job experience in the field you are applying for.
    I still think there is a lot of benefit to going to the job fair and doing all the other steps, but again, if HR doesn’t pass on the app it is all for naught.


    Mike, is the job fair still a good place to “meet and greet” managers? I’m hearing reports from last year that it’s more of an informational show without much opportunity to network.



    Well, the answer is I don’t know. We’ll have to ask last years group if they think it made a difference. My feeling is that if you get your app in early and it gets through HR, then it would be still be a good thing to go. If the first batch of 50 apps given to a manager has the ap for a person he just met and likes, then it’s just like old times.
    If you wait to fill out the applications or you don’t write it good enough to be passed on then going to the fair may not be very effective.
    What do you think?


    Regarding resumes and applications…

    As I recall, the last time I applied through RayJobs there were a number of job-related questions the website automatically asked. This was after I chose which resume to submit but before I hit the “submit” button. This is typical with most other positions listed in RayJobs, not just the Ice jobs.

    These past few months I’ve applied to a lot of other non-Ice Raytheon jobs and I’ve noticed something — If you don’t answer the questions *exactly* according to what they’re looking for, the system instantly rejects you. This will show up as a status of “NOT IN CONSIDERATION FOR THIS POSITION” when you check the status of your submissions. The kicker is that you can’t go back and re-apply for the same position or change your answers. I believe (but can’t prove) that if you don’t answer the questions perfectly, HR doesn’t even see your resume, much less consider your application.

    For me, this poses an ethical dilemma. I have applied — and been hired — for Ice jobs where I was not the perfect candidate. I could do that because I knew the manager(s), and [we] also knew I could do the job even though I didn’t have all the prerequisite experience or skills. I’m sure there are lots of other applicants who would also be good candidates for some Ice jobs despite not being “perfect”. In fact, that’s one of the beauties of the USAP: on the job training. So what do you answer if you know you can do the job but the automated application process is asking a question where (if you tell the truth) you will automatically disqualify yourself?

    I don’t advocate lying, but perhaps there is a point when sensible self-interest outweighs a mindless application process. Has anybody else been faced with this?


    I think the problem with that is that if you tell people to say they’re qualified for positions that they may not be. You’ll run into a bunch of people that are saying anything they can to get to the ice. In the end if this is really the way the website is interacting with HR I don’t think it will be good for anyone in the end. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think its best to be honest on the application process. Even if that mean not getting the job. Just my two cents and I know some won’t agree, in the end it’s up to the individual.


    We all know that “tweaking” resumes happens all the time. I’d say not as a dishonest measure but the only way to get by the computer keywork searches, etc. Things like falling 1 year short of 5 years of experience to be a carpenter yet you have 2 years of ice time as an apprentice and that type of thing. As a hiring manager I only saw what HR sent me. If I got a call from someone referred to me I had to tell them to apply on Rayjobs to get in the system then tell HR to watch for them if they were some on I wanted to hire. Our candidate pool was much smaller then the one discussed here. I never had more then 2 or 3 at a time.

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