What’s it really like?

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    I was informed that as a Canadian citizen I cannot apply, if anyone is there right now, please tell me what its really like.. too bad i won’t be able to experience it 😥


    Not true Rob
    We have plenty of Canuks. You just need your green card.

    AGE Dave

    Lots of Non-US people working for the US Antarctic Program….yes, you only need a valid Green Card…if you have that, you are good to apply.

    What is it really like?….here is the webcam for McMurdo: http://www.usap.gov/videoclipsandmaps/mcmwebcam.cfm

    Not much to see as I write this post….a condition 1 all night (except for McMurdo, condition 2 since it is time to go to work) and the webcam just shows “grey”….blowing snow. Winds of about 30-45 mph in town and much higher on the sea ice.

    Normally you can see the VMF back lot and the fire house and to the right, bldg 155, some dorms and warehouses….and it is “real time” snap shots, so when it refreshes every 10 seconds, you see trucks and people have moved and doors opening and closing….

    Lots of web blogs about life in the ICE….do some Googling…..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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