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    Hi, searching for anyone who may have wintered in Palmer during ’93 (I think) and might have known my father, Joe Shields…


    I missed him by two years. But I do know a lot of the people he wintered with… The picture below is the one hanging in Palmer’s “rogue’s gallery”, the station’s winter-over pics.


    wow great, thanks, glenn! I dont think I’ve seen that pic. Unfortunately he passed away in ’96. he said he enjoyed the people he met there a lot and I was interested if anyone had any pics etc.


    Hi Plumdog,

    I wintered at Palmer in 1993. I remember your Dad very well. It was a small crew at first that quickly turned into a big family. We had a really great time. I was very sorry to hear that he had passed.

    I think I might still have the negative of our winter over photo, or I could scan one of the prints I have, if you would like a copy.

    I am still in touch with most of the crew as well. I will send a note and see what other photo’s we can come up with.



    a copy of the photo would be appreciated!

    do you still work in antarctica? I actually was hired for McMurdo last year after applying three years in a row, and wouldn’t you know it, circumstance had me back out two months before the trip.

    I would be most interested in Palmer or South Pole anyway, since McMurdo seems more like a small town than a trip to antarctica

    my email is: if you have some info on how I can get the pic.

    Matt Shields

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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