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    So how was Thanksgiving on the Ice this year? It always seems Halloween and Xmas get the most attention.
    Any fun T-day traditions specific to any of the stations? I would think there must be some sort of turkey trot at least at McMurdo or Pole.
    Love to hear any stories people have, things have been very quiet lately.


    They have a turkey trot each year. A run from MCM up the hill to the Scott Base sign and then back to MCM. Too cold for me. I joined friends for a morning coffee. Dinner is outstanding and this year no exception. Crab legs, turkey, lots of desserts and fixings. One more good meal at XMAS then we start focusing on the end of the season.


    This brings up a question about “Holidays On Ice”. Last winter at Pole we got no official holidays – not a single one. I assume most Polies and McMurdites get Christmas Day off, but do they get other official holidays during the short summer? If so, it doesn’t quite seem fair.


    Summer- thanksgiving, christmas and new years
    Winter 4th of July.
    During the winter they also give an extra day off once a month. In lieu of holidays.


    I would say that the Thanksgiving meal was by far the best meal of the season. I sat at the 5pm dinner and at the end of our time slot, everyone in the entire galley stood and applauded the dining staff for almost a minute; it was very moving. Also that weekend there was an excitement in the air for the two day weekend, all the parties and the extra R&R so everyone was in great spirits.


    Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners pretty much are the highlight of the season. After eating cafeteria style food for all meals, it’s a treat to have something that approximates home cooking.


    I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving at the South Pole. Now that was fancy! Then I was back to McMurdo for Christmas, and that was delightful as well. But I really liked how with the smaller station, the Pole was really able to go over the top for the holiday.


    Yeah, the Pole is great for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas this year was Beef Wellington and Lobster. The kitchen staff really is amazing there. Don’t know about MCM though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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