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    Dear all experienced folks,

    I have a couple questions about picking the right pair of sunglasses for deployment.

    1. The form included in the participant guide has some selections, are those the only options we can go with? (
    2. Which pair will you recommend (I have a regular size female face, maybe 4 inches by 5/6 inches)
    3. I have to wear glasses/contacts, so I was wondering if it’s better to just buy regular no rx glasses and wear contacts inside, or buy actual prescription. The reason is that it will be annoying to swap glasses.
    4. Is it uncomfortable to wear contacts down at the ice?

    Thanks in advance for all the lovely advice that are coming in. 🙂


    I’ve never bought the sunglasses from the ones provided. I use clip ons to my normal glasses while traveling. Never had contacts so can’t help there. Just make sure that the glasses you pick are UV A and B blocking. They say plain sunglasses with no uv protection are bad for you.

    I also have a pair of those really dorky old mans sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses. they are UV rated and have sides to them that block all the light.I have them on a behind the neck holder and most of the time they sit on top of my hat. I put them on whenever I need them. They are relatively cheap and indistructable. A pair lasts the whole season.


    I personally had no trouble with contacts down there. I was using monthly contacts and they lasted just as long as in the states. Really the wind was more irritating then the cold for them, but if you’re wearing sunglasses of some sort it’s not an issue. I bought a cheap pair of UV sunglasses at a local store and they worked fine mostly. My only complaint was that they were not quite dark enough but that was at the south pole. Plus I ended up wanting to use the issued UV goggles most of the time anyways.


    I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on those expensive sunglasses unless you just happen to want a pair. Contacts work fine at SP. There is a lot of blowing dust and grit at McMurdo, so that may be a problem for contacts. At Pole (I don’t know about McMurdo), Safety will give you tinted safety glasses if your job requires them.

    I would definitely recommend contacts at Pole, and strongly recommend them if you winter at Pole. Any sort of glasses or goggles frost over almost instantly at Pole when the temperature gets lower than -50F. Of course you don’t need sunglasses in the winter, but my prescription glasses meant that I was always nearly blind when outside either from frost or no glasses. I had difficulty following flag lines in the dark so it will be contacts for me when I go back.


    REI has a decent selection of Julbo glasses so you can try some on.

    I spent a fortune last year getting a nice pair of Julbo Explorer frames and then discovered they 1) hurt my ears after wearing for a while and 2) got pushed forward on my nose when wearing a hat. I had brought a pair of Julbo Sherpas for a cheap emergency pair (they’re only $45) and it turns out I really loved them! They sides are flexible and springy and hook right around the back of your ears, they’re very comfortable, provide total coverage, and a hat doesn’t interfere with them at all. IMO, the cheapest frames turned out to be perfect.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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