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    I just excepted a position at Mcmurdo for Feb. Now I am waiting for the next step – PQ. There is a lot about this on their site but I am very unsure about the actual procedure. I am having teeth pulled that have pockets over 5mm deep and I went and had a “deep scaling” or deep cleaning. Has anyone else had dental issued such as periodontal disease? And if so, if you are just doing a winter-over and your teeth don’t give you issues is that ok? What can I do to still pass the exam?


    Hi Phil,

    They should send you a “packet”, probably electronically, with all the paperwork and instructions for completing the PQ.

    Good thing you’re starting early. Dental problems are a show-stopper for a lot of people, summer and winter. My recommendation is to do everything quickly, get your teeth into good shape, and submit the PQ paperwork ASAP. That way, if they come back and say you need something else done, you’ll have plenty of time to fix any remaining problems.

    What position did you accept?



    I just got offered a position as Fire Alarm Tech. I will be working on the Fire Alarms, Suppression systems, kitchen hood fire systems ect. I am very lucky as I have unique certifications and license to work on many fire related items. I will be in Mcmurdo for the winter over. I am just worried about the dental exam as It is really the only possible hold back.

    PS I am a General Class Ham Radio Operator too! Anyone else??


    Hi Phil
    Don’t let the dental worry you too much. Just get it done early. If your dentist doesn’t think your teeth need removal, dont have it done. The root scaling might be sufficient. The gov. dentists may ask to have them removed if there is a risk of toothache, but often the cleaning will close them up. It can take a few months to get through the process so start now.
    I’m a general class ham as well. There is a station at MCM. We’ve been at the bottom end of the solar cycle for the last few years, but things are due to start peaking. The last solar high was back around 2001 and was phenominal. We have a few more years to go until the next.


    Oh yeah, Provided I pass the PQ, I should be one of your parts people in the electrical warehouses.


    Only thing holding me up is the Medical exam… I am totally determined that it is NOT going to hold me up, so I’ll see you in Feb ’09

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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