Pub Crawl in Antarctica?

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    For no good reason some mates and I are organising a world-wide pub crawl to take place on Saturday 27th May – we are hoping to get people on every continent to have at least one drink on that day.

    We currently have people having a beer in 11 countries in 32 cities [73 venues] having a drink – if you have time you can check out the list here at the crawl website –

    But we can’t seem to find anyone in Antarctica at the moment. We were hoping that you, or someone you know might be interested in supporting this worthwhile if non-sensical cause.

    We are not trying to sell anything, or push any kind of beliefs onto people – other than the idea of world togetherness through beer, or something like that.

    To be involved just reply to this email and let us know the name of the venue you will be in on the day – we will then add you to our list!

    If you have any questions we are of course happy to answer them.



    Palmer’s Penguin Pub is the place on the peninsula every Saturday night. Darts, pool, dancing, wide-screen movies, and the best view south of 60S. Current libations include Guinness, Dos Equis, Sierra Nevada porter and pale ale, Corona, and a variety of Chilean beers. Valet parking available for your helicopter or Twin Otter (skis required), limited berth space at the pier, overflow anchorage in the harbor. Call ahead for complimentary Zodiac transport to and from your vessel, marine channel 27.

    I’d say that’s a YES, no special effort required. 64°46’S 64°03’W



    There will no doubt be people in the dodgy bastard bar here at 90 degrees south.


    Hey guys – i don’t know what is says about my life that this is one of the more exciting bits of news that I am likely to get this week- we hope you have a great time on the day – we will include the photo in our crawl guidebook for the day [get in contact if you want one – they are free]

    Hope you have a great time on the 27th!


    In your brief Monday Update:
    · Antarctica joins the crawl
    · Londons announce their crawls
    · US & Australia tied for most cities on the crawl

    Antarctica joins the Crawl:
    Huzzah – we finally have Antarctica on the crawl. After years of trying not one, but two bars in the Antarctic joined over the weekend. We welcome the Penguin Pub at Palmer Station, and the Dodgy Bastard Bar at Ninety Degrees South. Now for South America…

    Londons Announce their Crawls:
    Talk about not one but two… Two Londons confirmed their venues over the weekend, with Kirsty in England planning 12 pub crawl, and Dogger Dan in Canada attempting 4 venues and a game of golf – well done guys!

    US & Australia tied for most cities on the crawl:
    Over the weekend New Haven in Connecticut and Warren in Michigan signed up for the crawl bring the US level with Australia on 9 cities/towns participating. England is on 4, with South Africa on 3 cities.

    All up we have 87 venues in 36 cities in 13 countries on 6 continents involved – the t-shirt design is coming together [we have 14 expressions of interest in shirts] thanks to all people who are telling their friends and getting more places involved!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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