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    How many of you have done the polar plunge? I was reading some guy’s blog describing doing this recently while naked and I was just utterly shocked – haha! There is no way I could ever be brave enough to do this and especially not naked – lol! Do a lot of people do this or is it just a few brave souls? Just curious to hear all of your experiences with this.

    Also, if anyone knows of any other current blogs from people working on the Ice now, please share!


    Here are all the ones I’ve got added to my feed reader:


    A few of them are from people who are currently back from the ice.


    In the winter I would say almost everyone will do it once. There is no requirement to do it naked. If you want to wear a bathing suit, by all means do it. Nobody will chastise you for it. On the other hand, naked, you start to dry off right away, with a suit on you are that much colder that much longer till you get changed. People will take photos if you want. They are descreet and aren’t seen by anyone else. I took mine, photoshopped a big sun on my but and put the doctored photo on the internet. The family was amazed. I was amazed too. I’m glad I have the photo for proof.

    I did it. It was exhillerating and fun, but I won’t do it again. The first time is a rite of passage thing. You are so thrilled to do a mid winter plunge, it doesn’t matter what it is like, you will love it.

    the second time around isn’t the same. Partly boring, but not as fun.

    Basically it’s not as cold as you might think. When I did it the wind was blowing 20 knots or more. You get dressed/undressed in a warmup shack. Wrap yourself in a wool blanket, wait your turn. When you run out, it’s a little like running outside to get the paper in the middle of winter. Cold, but not overly so, because it happens so fast.

    Jumping in–Air temps 20-30 below zero, water temp 28 above zero. The water is almost 50 degrees warmer than the air. It’s not that bad. A bit like jumping into a mountain lake in the middle of the summer. It takes your breath away, but you get out within a few seconds and run back to the warm up shack.

    That is the cold part, running back to the shack, but it’s really only a matter of 30 seconds from the time you jump to the time you are getting warm.

    If I were you, my advise is if you are wintering, then at least once do the plunge, you will never regret it and the photo


    Thanks so much for the great info thepooles98! I still think I would be too chicken to do it, but you never know. And thanks Mradyfist for the links – those blogs are awesome!! 😀


    @IowaRox1 wrote:

    They were reluctant to do it naked so I told them, “Look, I’m middle-aged, I sag, droop, jiggle, and wiggle everywhere. If I can do you, you guys can.”
    … and, yeah, you want that picture!

    I was with you right up until the picture part. I see my nekkid naughty bits in the mirror every morning, and I can’t conceive of another intergalactic soul that would want to join MY viewing party. 😮 I’ve got to say, however, I’m impressed by the intestinal fortitude of those who take the giant stride.
    Hope I get the chance to even consider it.
    Bottoms up! 😉


    When I worked at Palmer, one of the folks there would swim out 200 yards… daily. Mind you, the seawater was 28F before freezing.

    Jumping off the millvans on the dock was big fun. A good 20 foot drop into some of the most brilliant blue-green water on the earth.

    I did it solo a couple of times; once, pulling myself out, the entire snow bank came off – on top of me. I distinctly remember thinking “slow down, slow down and think…” it landed me with a “thud” on the shallows of the sea floor. As the ice rose, I slid out, and made my way back to shore.

    Drying off and dressing, I was happy because I didn’t want anyone to find me dead and naked floating in the bay.


    @12tripssouth wrote:

    Drying off and dressing, I was happy because I didn’t want anyone to find me dead and naked floating in the bay.

    Yeah, we didn’t want to find your naked, frozen body floating in the bay either. Eeeeew! 😉

    I’m still waiting for the first time someone has an aneurysm. That’ll put the kibosh on the whole activity.

    Having done the Polar Plunge waaaay too many times, I think I’ll stick to gumby suiting. That’s a hoot! Unfortunately the leopard seals have been hanging out near Palmer for quite a few years now. It makes the activity less attractive when you feel like you’re seal bait…


    @IowaRox1 wrote:

    Given the policy now of no nakidity outside…

    Wait. What!? No streaking in the snow? No nekkid dancing on the sea ice? This cannot be!

    Let the revolt begin! As someone with absolutely no shame (and who doesn’t look better than you in a skirt but will keep trying) I shall fire the first salvos. Hmmm… Let me think…

    Edit: If they don’t want nakedness outside, let’s do it inside…


    Back to jello wrestling. No neckidness or even bathing suit near nekidness.


    @thepooles98 wrote:

    Back to jello wrestling. No neckidness or even bathing suit near nekidness.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to advocate jello wrestling 😉 :roll:.


    Not advocating. Just stating the new policy.
    With the advent of the internet and youtube, things are starting to be posted that are being considered as embarassments to the program. In general public activities that would not be considered acceptable in a workplace at home aren’t going to be acceptable in MCM anymore. Not too many agree and the definitions of acceptable behavior are very fuzzy, but thats the way it is.

    Think of where you work and what you might be able to do there on your day off. Potluck dinner- ok. Drunken naked rolling chair races down the hall- maybe not. That is where MCM is headed.


    The drunken, naked, potluck dinners are the BEST!

    Stay away from the hot dogs, though…


    Hahahaha… you guys are so funny! 😆

    I especially loved your story! I think you’re right – I think I should do it once if I can make it down there! :mrgreen:


    What a Polar Plunge might look like

    *WARNING* contains profanity – mute now if you don’t want to hear it


    of course, this one is less polar with more plunge…


    Ah, that’s like old home week for me– lots of friends in that video. It’s even more fun when you do it naked and have to wait for the ship’s propwash to clear the brash ice first.

    Not sure what you mean by “less polar”? Same water temp as McMurdo… -1.9C or thereabouts. No harnesses at Palmer, you gotta drag your own ass back up the ladder. 😀

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