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    I am very interested in coming down to the ice. I came across a posting on rayjobs for a pharmacy technician. I have the qualifications to apply now but I want to beef up my resume with some extra first aid/emt and IV mixing training. I will be applying in 2 1/2 years after my daughter graduates high school.

    From what I can deduce from reading this board I can expext about a $600ish per week contract compared to the janitorial/general assitant jobs. I am not overly concerned with the $$ amount but it does seem like a fairly accurate educated guess.

    I realize the position I will be applying for is a one of a kind position, but do any of the vets have any idea what I could look forward to. Would I have a chance to babysit some meds from MCM to the pole and if I completed some EMT training would I have a better chance of leaving home (MCM).

    One last question: what kind of job could I expect in the medical unit. I realize the Pharmacy Tech is a newer position but any info anybody could provide would be much appreciated. TIA

    A Husker transplant in Cali


    A difficult question, and no, I don’t know any specifics about the medical jobs at McM. Assuming you are a pharmacy tech, all I can say is that is probably a one-off job based in McMurdo. Since they’re advertising that, either the incumbent hasn’t applied or hasn’t PQ’d yet. All this means totally nothing 2 or 3 years hence when there will be a different contractor and perhaps a different incumbent.

    There are more jobs for EMTs, particularly for wilderness EMTs, but if you aren’t already into that or qualified, I’d hold off on training for that just to get this job.

    On the other hand, anyone in medical may get suddenly grabbed to help out with a medevac to/from a field station or camp, and/or to accompany the patient to NZ.


    I wasn’t aware that we had a pharmacy tech in MCM as a stand alone position. This could be a new position. Being an EMT doesn’t hurt anyone, but if the position doesn’t ask for it, then don’t delay applying for the pharmacy tech. Whoever gets that position may get the job yearly, eliminating your chances in coming years. It’s really tough to get in the first time, but much easier to get hired in subsequent years when they give current employees a preference.


    Thanks for the responses. I thought it may be a new position but figured it never hurts to ask. I wish I was in a position to apply this year but the timing isnt right at this point. I will be applying after my daughter is out of high school but I also realize it may never happen.

    Thanks for the insight and hopefully the person that does land the spot can post thier experiences on the board.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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