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    Not directly related to Antarctica, but might be of some help to folks:

    I was contacted today by a recruiter who is trying to fill several positions for a one-month contract commencing April 23. The work will be conducted in Guernsey, WY. Overtime is expected and you may be working 12 hour days/7 days per week ‘course OT will be paid at 1.5x your base hourly wage. Hotel is provided and you will be given $46/day per diem (is that redundant?)

    They are specifically looking for veterans to fill any of the following positions:

      TAF Lead (Tactical Analysis Facility)

      Jr. RF Service Tech

      (NOC/PBS) Assistant- Network Operations Center / Portable Base Station

      HVAC Maintenance Technician

      TAF Operator (Tactical Analysis Facility)

      V- THP (Video-Take Home Package)

      MAARF Operator

      Network Configuration Assistant

      Shuttle Driver

    Now, it wasn’t disclosed to me exactly what the project is, but dead reckoning tells me that it is maintenance on equipment that belongs to the WY Nat’l guard that is returning from the middle east.

    If you are a veteran and think you might fit one of the positions and are interested let me know and I’ll hand over some contact information.

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