Nana at Job Fair?

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    Hi all,

    From my understanding, Nana is subcontracted by Raytheon. Unfortunately, I found this out late in the game for this season, but put in my app anyway. Guess I don’t have to say what pretty much everyone thinks: I’d be incredibly happy with any position, doing anything.

    My question is: Are there ever any reps of Nana at the job fairs that Raytheon has? I’ll be going to the one in September and was curious if they have a presence at those events.

    Also, is it common for there to be a job fair so late in the year? If it’s true that Raytheon’s contract will be over with the end of this batch, does that mean they are looking for last-minute people?

    Thanks again for all comments, and all the best to those of you getting ready to head down!



    I don’t know if NANA would be there.

    RPSC will be hiring unfilled positions right up to the start of winter. Anyone with a contract who drops out or flunks the PQ will have to be replaced as well. You would be lucky to have the proper skills to fill those jobs, but it happens every year, so don’t give up.


    There *used* to be a job fair in late-March/early-April, but they haven’t had one in a couple of years. Sad, really – it was a great way to see the hiring managers face-to-face.

    Just another thing Raytheon did away with…along with fun.


    not really



    Another question. I’ve been PQ’d for an alternate janitor position. I’d been planning on going to the job fair in Denver on Sept 8th, before. It sounds as if, with Nana, when you’re an alternate, if anything opens up, they can stick ya in. I’m assuming Raytheon is a different ballgame.

    On Facebook, there is “Raytheon Careers”, and in response to an inquiry as to the late career fair, they (RC) responded, “I am positive that the September Job Fair will be for the October deployment.”

    My question would be if there would be much point in me going to the job fair. While it may not be likely that they’d have a position I’d immediately be completely qualified for, would the fact that I’ve PQ’d give me an edge at this point? And would this be a conflict with Nana Services?

    Thanks for any advice, and all the best to everyone!



    Hey Tracy… I was thinking about flying out to the September job fair as well, but it looks like it’s for Hispanic and minority job seekers only? Does anyone know more about this job fair, and if non-minority seekers would be welcome at all? I’d really love to meet with RPSC, and this looks to be my only shot.

    AGE Dave

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Not a problem going to the job fair, even if it set up for “minority” applicants. Denying you the right to attend would be discrimination….these job fairs are set up to encourage an ethnically diverse work force in Federal projects such as the NSF Antarctic contract.

    If you have already PQ’d for the ICE as an alternate with NANA, so much the better for sliding into an RPSC job….the PQ requirements are NSF, so having passed for this season gives you plus in possible hiring with Raytheon.

    The Rayjobs site lists lots of open jobs:

    Give it a shot!



    Hey, emeyesee. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to the fair (we just had a pipe burst this week and everything’s been topsy-turvy). My understanding is that the fair is open to everyone. Will be interesting to speak to some folks and get more of the bigger picture. 🙂



    Tracy, I spoke with one of the HR managers at RPSC today; he says there is still a chance that the fair might be cancelled. Apparently it was originally scheduled for May, but was postponed due to low interest. I’m hoping to get more definite information from him tomorrow, and I’ll let you know once I do.



    Oops! 😮 Thanks, Michelle. Just bought the ticket, so I might just be taking a day trip to see a few hours worth of Colorado.


    Tracy, I meant to post earlier and got crazy busy, sorry. I spoke to someone at the end of the day yesterday, one of the HR people at RPSC. She confirmed that the fair is, as far as she knows, still on, and said that IF RPSC is there (she couldn’t confirm that), it will only be one or two recruiting managers. She said it wasn’t worth flying in to meet one of them, because it won’t actually help, but I don’t know if I believe her… seems like a big waste to send people to a job fair if it won’t be helpful to anyone attending?!

    I might fly in for it anyways… I have the frequent flyer miles, and I figured it couldn’t actually hurt my chances, and might even help.

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