McMurdo Master Plan

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    This article shows the proposed long-term layout for McMurdo.

    I find it interesting that the uppercase dorms are gone, as is JSOC and the SSC (it becomes the medical building?). And the main building would stare out at the Crary Lab.



    hopefully the dorms are single rooms. the vmf is still up the hill where the wind is in your face both ways


    What happened to the carp shop. Is it in with the UTs
    I also wonder where all the storage space is.
    Mostly though it looks good.


    I wonder if they’re really going to put a big NSF logo on top of the building [155?].


    The dorms are all single rooms, there are 900, most of which are interior (no windows). The front right portion of the building labeled UT Shops is the existing shop building 136, the carp shop is in that complex as well. The “Medical Admin” building is mostly the existing SSC. The huge building in the center is a replacement for 155, actually much of the floor space (in the back right part) is warehouse space. Obviously that won’t be “phase 1.” I just heard a presentation about it, I’ll see what more I can publicize. In the meantime, the “coffee table version” of the plan is here

    and the press release is here.


    So the new SP Station cost what $150 or so million, so what are we thinking the price tag of this is going to be? $250 or $300 or $350 million? The USAP in NSF is already underfunded, I would love to see these plans come to fruition, but I don’t know where they are going to the money needed for this from congress. At least the construction/destruction season is longer at McMurdo than at Pole. That Phase 5 to 8 is very interesting, when they would try and build the new large main building over a huge chunk of 155.

    Did they release any Palmer plans yet? They always talked about building a new central berthing building and getting people out of SCI and GWR, or move the power plant to a new building up on the hill. Of course the nub, I mean pier, is still badly needing a replacement. Even a floating pier would be nice, with a secure transition to the land for the Skytrak to move cargo.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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