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    So I thought I would try and teach myself MAPCON or at least try and familiarize myself with it. On their website they even have 30-45 day trial versions, but….. it looks like an updated version for Windows rather than the DOS version you guys use.
    Anybody tried running their own copy or have any manuals they could share? I wonder if the updated version would give you any releveant training for the old version.



    The version of MAPCON and AREV (the overall suite that MAPCON is a part of) has been custom built and altered in the past twenty years for the Antarctic program. I’ve no idea how relevant AREVs current software would be. The program is archaic and has a bizarre (often frustrating logic) but like all inventory and control software, it works based on user input and effort.

    There will be training classes available on the ice (easier to find in MCM) and you can usually find a veteran or two to show you the good tricks. Without the USAP inventory to look at/play with, however, practicing pre-ice may not be much help. Learning MAPCON is easy. Learning the intricacies and frustrations of the USAP inventory? Not so much.

    Also, depending on your position, AREV modules (MAPCON, CTS, PTS, etc.) and their various parts can be quite different. What position are you looking at needing to know MAPCON for?



    I figured it has to be some variation of CMMS based on a flat file database structure, something like Fox Pro or such.
    I’m shooting for a Comp Tech slot, so I thought if I could get a bit of a handle on this, it would help my case as it looks to be a critical system down there.


    Atlas will have to confirm this, but as a computer tech, you are not likely to deal with Mapcon. There is a whole group of people in denver and on the ice that deal with programming the database. To the best of my knowledge, none of them are seasonal.


    Thnks Mike, I’m more looking to try and be someone who can answer questions. I figure if the ice is true to life, “OOh you know computers, how do I do this…” And I’m thinking I’m used to always having the answers or something close to them that this would be good to know.
    Of course eclectic systems are unique, but computers are computers, and a database is a database. I’m just hoping I can come down knowing as much as possible that will help everyone else.



    PP —

    If you’re going for the Mac Tech position, you’ll never touch MAPCON.

    There’s a slew of programmers in Denver, and an on-ice AREV person that handle all of its internal workings.


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