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    As a former DA, I can answer this.  You have a choice of wearing a hat or a hair net in the galley, cooks, bakers, DA’s and anyone who steps into the galley.
    Yes, bring an alarm clock.  Rooms are sparsely furnished with a bed, wardrobe, small chest, fridge, desk, a straight chair, maybe a lamp, and a set of sheets, a wool blanket, a pillow and a comforter/bedspread.  You may want a small hot pot.  Some small items you can skua when you get there. 


    Hey, hope I didn’t miss you. You must be getting pretty close to leaving. Sharon is right. I would bring your own alarm clock. I havn’t seen a power outage yet but I would recommend bringing a battery powered alarm. If you don’t have one I noticed that they sell one in the station store if you are trying to save room in your bags.
    As far as hats go. You can wear what ever you want. You are required to wear something. Most wear ball caps or bandanas. If you want you can buy that stuff here as well but if you have hats and stuff that you are partial to bring it. You can also wear goofy stuff- elf hats, hard hats, masks, etc. The day crew have also been doing crazy sock day. If you don’t get your own hair covering you will be forced to wear the traditional cafeteria paper hat or hair net, yuk.
    Good luck on the trip.


    Sorry Mike, they have been complaining, they are trying to dump everyone into 201, everyone wants out because of the noise and dust during offload of course, but its not too bad really. The swines tried to dump me in 155 and then to dump me in 201, I am, happy to say I have reclaimed my home in Ho Cal.
    Zondra, great to hear you are heading back, hope you enjoy the heavy shop.


    It’s funny Lucky, how you can’t please everyone.Depending on who you talk to  the upper case dorms are either too hot or too cold. 210/211 have the best rooms but they are either too hot or too cold. Many say 201-203 are the best but they do have a noise issue for ship offload during the first week of Feb. Hotel Cal- you either love or hate it. Personally I think it’s the worst of all, but then there are numerous people as yourself who love it. Go figure. I think when I said no complaints it was more about the fact that the housing people are doing a pretty good job of keeping everyone happy and getting you a reasonably nice room and roommate. Better this year than in some past.
    Sparky, I’m in Supply again in the food service warehouses. One of those fools who come to Antarctica to work in  a freezer. It’s still 40 below in the unheated buildings. ugh.


    Exactly Mike, I love it here and will fight tooth and nail to be here every year I come.
    210/211 are hot or cold depending where you are, they are forced air heaters there so the centre is too hot because you are next to the boiler, then the heat is history before it gets half way down the hallway and so too cold, if the heat was turned down for the middle livers the end ones would die of hypothermia in hours. Same in MMI and Cal, 2 stats per floor and have to balance between heat in centre and cold on ends.
    201/203 Great places, we were told 203 a b and c are to go back to 203 204 and 205 this year, but doubt it will happen, the noise and dust lasts a week and its over but the wind and exposure is what I have heard is the worst.
    Housing have been darlings as always, everyone has been happy with them and they went out of their way to ensure I remained here in the luxurious hotel, I love them.
    I am getting the same roomy as I had last year, in about 2 weeks so we are both very happy, for some reason they could not find teh buxom blonde with good personality and morals I origionaly asked for, I thought they were lying as there are lots of them here who fit the description, but housing told me they actually have a choice too, and it wasn’t me, they just didn’t want to live in Cal. Oh well.
    Everyone is happy and awaiting freshies to the table, at least we know the chicken will always be plentyful.


    You are a perfect fit for Hotel Cal, glad u got back in. I am flying out
    tomorrow, see ya then.

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