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    Hi everyone… I’m glad I found this board, it looks to be a great resource in the future! I’m a bit (read: VERY) late to the game… while I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica, I only realized last week that I could actually work there! I know hirings for the 2010-2011 season are almost completely done, but I have a few questions that I’m hoping someone can help me out with.

    This late in the game, what are my odds of getting a job? I applied for three of the postings on the website, and I’m sure I’m much too late to have any hope, but humor me?

    And since my chances are slim-to-none of making it down to the ice this season, when do job postings go up and hirings begin for next year?


    Michelle S

    AGE Dave

    Everything, at this late date in the hiring, depends on your resume/experience and does the system need an alternate for the jobs you applied for. The primary slots are probably all filled at this time. There are piles of applications being gone over for the last bit of hiring.

    There is always an outside chance late in the game….people turn jobs down at the last minute for all sorts of reasons and this leaves the alternate to move into the primary position. You may have lots of experience and the others do not…..

    Anyway, putting in for some jobs at the last minute never is a bad thing….just don’t get your hopes up too high….but I’ve seen some pretty wild things happen over the years and have seen folks who sent applications and resumes in early September get hired to deploy the middle of October. It is sort of the luck of the draw at times.

    Good luck!



    I think I remember from the past two seasons that job postings are available to the public around late Feb, early March. OAEs, is that correct?

    Look at both Raytheon and NANA Services – they have different jobs, as one is the main contractor and one is the sub-contractor (althought this is changing next year, so your best bet might be just to monitor this forum). I googled “jobs in antarctica” and found a listing on Craigslist the first time I came down. Ha!


    next year may be a bit different. It’s the end of the contract year for Raytheon and they are not bidding on it as a stand alone company this year. How the new company, whoever it may be, will hire is anyones guess at this time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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