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    I see that Raytheon posted multiple job fairs on their web site. It doesn’t seem to be the same as past events. I live far from all the locations. My status is “in review” for my primary job. Would be of any benifit to fly to Denver for the first job fair?



    Best answer-I don’t know

    The above is a link to this years job fairs that RPSC will be attending.

    In the past the big job fair was held in Denver and it generally had representatives from each dept manning the various tables. I’m not sure about the ones in Denver this year (there are several), but I believe the others are manned by HR at various locations around the country. It looks like they are going to industry job fairs as well as specific job fairs just for the Antarctic Program. At the risk of dissing people who might actually be able to help you, having just HR man the job fairs is probably more in line with industry standards, but doesn’t in my opinion, give you much advantage as you aren’t talking to the people who actually know the jobs or are doing the hiring. IE if you were a mechanic, the head of the shop would be able to tell you what grade of oil we use or what engines you would be working on as well as the status of major parts. IT could tell you the network backbone, and maintenance could tell you what brands of furnaces we use. HR more than likely wouldn’t be able to do that at a fair. They would able to give general responses and direct you to how to apply. Most of you can gather the info from sites like this along with Rayjobs.

    If there is a job fair nearby, by all means go to it. As far as spending a lot of money to attend. I don’t think so.

    Anybody else out there want to chime in?

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