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    First: I apologize for my bad English but it’s not my language so I try to make the question understandable 🙄
    I’m an italian student of mechanical in an Technical Institute (not an engineering course) whit the passions for the Antarctica and snowcats.
    Long ago I wrote an email to Italian National Research Centre, for asked the same question that I’ll post here, but I never had an answer.
    I just want to know witch quality and skills do I have to work there. Obviously I want to work for Italian CNR but I think the skills are the same.
    I also hope to be able to learn, this winter, driving the snowcats…
    Thanks for the answer



    Hello Andrea, I copied your post to the “Discussion Topics” forum. I think you’ll get a better response there.




    Ops… sorry! 😀


    Hi Andrea,

    Since everybody else is busy, I’ll answer.

    First, your English is great! I wish I spoke Italian as good.

    I only know about the US program, but I think I can guess about the Italian Antarctic Program.

    They will teach you how to drive Snow Cats (if they have them). It doesn’t matter what your position is, you’ll probably drive everything on the station.

    For qualities and skills to work there, that’s more difficult. You have to find out what positions are available. Many small stations need people who have skills that can keep the station running… Electrician, mechanic, plumber, cook, communications, and science support. You don’t need to be a scientist.

    (Now tell me how I can go to an Italian base! I hear they are very fun.)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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