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    I just got a note from the powers that be concerning mailing packages from the US to NZ for Hold In Christchurch.
    see below
    Hold in Christchurch postal address has changed and that it is no longer an APO address and instead is a NZ address, thus meaning people will be paying international postal rates.[/font:qto6p61w]

    Hold in Christchurch is still available for deploying participants, but the address has been changed.  Previously, participants sent parcels to an APO address using US postal rates.  Participants must now pay international shipping rates and mail to this address:[/font:qto6p61w]

    [Participant’s Name][/font:qto6p61w]
    [Specify the Antarctic Station][/font:qto6p61w]
    c/o Private Bag 4747[/font:qto6p61w]
    Christchurch Airport[/font:qto6p61w]
    Christchurch 8140[/font:qto6p61w]
    New Zealand[/font:qto6p61w]
    Hold in Christchurch[/font:qto6p61w]

    This information is explained in Chapter 6, on page 65, of the online version of the[/font:qto6p61w] 2008-2010 Participant Guide[/font:qto6p61w].[/font:qto6p61w]
    The Participant Guide[/font:qto6p61w] can be found under Travel and Deployment at [/font:qto6p61w]http://www.usap.gov[/font:qto6p61w%5D
    A direct link to the site is here: [/font:qto6p61w]http://www.usap.gov/travelAndDeployment/contentHandler.cfm?id=541%5B/font:qto6p61w%5D

    Note: This change does not impact mail being delivered to the Station, just mail that is to be held at Christchurch.[/font:qto6p61w]


    Wow – everything I’ve mailed to NZ has been horribly expensive. Any guesses why they made that change?

    It’s going to be much more expensive in the long run if people start boomeranging packages to the ice instead. You’d think they’d want as much as possible to stop in ChCh…


    I’ve wondered how we even kept the APO office once the Navy left. This year I’m traveling light.


    I agree with Erica. Every time they close down a freedom people will find a way around it, often at greater expense or hassle to the program.

    It would be interesting if they offered space on the container ship (a single milvan) for shipping larger personal items. There would obviously be a limited demand for this since the ship arrives at the end of the summer season, but winter-overs could ship whatever they like, large items and boxes of goodies, and only pay shipping costs to Louisiana (or where ever the ship originates). People who come back every summer would have a way of shipping big things.


    the email that I got indicated that the reason for doing away with hold in CHC was that people were sending things to NZ that normally wouldn’t be allowed through customs but that doesn’t really make any sense…you have to fill out the same form and I have definitely had things that I sent to hold in CHC that had been open/inspected by customs.

    Nobody has come right out and said this – but it is my guess that it is because NZ doesn’t collect duty on things sent to hold in CHC. Quite a few people have electronic goodies etc sent there that should be subjected to NZ duty. This would make more sense as to why the hold in CHC service is being discontinued.


    Yeah, that’s basically what I heard…stories about people mailing tires and such. It was actually kind of an unsual setup–normally APO/FPO addresses apply only to folks in the military or on military bases, as I remember. Anyone know if and how the contractor civilians in Iraq etc get to use APO addresses?

    They’re phasing the APO out, as I understand it is still available for current winterovers on the ice at McM/Pole. Thanks for posting, Mike!


    [font=Garamond, Times, Serif:m8nt0jq6]I worked for Raytheon on Kwajalein, we had the APO and they still have the APO.   As of 2001 civilians operate the Post Office .  There were also many restrictions on  what could be mailed… these are not enforced on the Ice, we would hear a lot of boohooing if they were to enforce them.[/font:m8nt0jq6]


    I tried following this…IS the APO no longer??

    From what I read in the on-line pamphlet they sent me, anything we mail to the ice (or someone mails to us) costs the same as mailing domestic U.S.

    Is my pamphlet outdated?


    The APO is alive, and well, and operating normally.  The only thing that’s changed, is that if you mail stuff TO BE HELD IN CHRISTCHURCH, you can’t go through the APO anymore, and have to use the international address.
    Often, people on-ice will order camping/outdoor items for their travels when they get off the ice.  Rather than have them sent all the way down, they used to have the option of mailing to an APO, and HELD IN CHRISTCHURCH.  The hold still works, but now you have to pay international rates.



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