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    So I’m graduating this May, have my summer job lined up and am looking into working a season at South Pole Station. I have a friend who worked there who said he can pull some strings, but he’s been a bit MIA lately. And I need to get started now if I want to work.

    Anyways, I’ll have a liberal arts degree and 2 seasons of trailwork under my belt when I apply, unfortunately, I’m not quite sure how to. I’ve been browsing the site, but Raytheon offered any Pole jobs. And as for the jobfairs, I live in the Northeast US, so it’s a bit difficult to get out to South Dakota or Colorado for just a job fair.

    I’m sorry if this question has been asked a million times, but any tips?



    Hi R –

    First, have you registered with Rayjobs yet? http://www.rayjobs.com/ That’s a start. Most of the jobs will not specify a location; just “Antarctic field camp” which typically means McMurdo. Be aware that a lot of McMurdoites would also like to work at the Pole, so there’s more competition for that location. You might have to do your time in Mactown before graduating to somewhere more exciting.

    I highly recommend attending the Denver job fair, as it’s the best way to get a foot in the door if you don’t have ‘strings to pull’. The fair itself is nothing special, just a bunch of managers at tables collecting resumes, but that’s how it’s done. Sure you can’t find a cheap ticket on Orbitz or Expedia and go out to Denver for a day? No?

    Other than that, your best bet is to tap your MIA friend or just start flooding RPSC with applications.

    Keep in mind that, even with highly qualified applicants, it sometimes takes a couple years to get noticed and hired. If you can do it the first year, you’ve got the touch.

    None of this is meant to be discouraging; on the contrary, they rely on getting a steady stream of applicants like yourself to fill the positions. A lot of it comes down to how persistent you are.

    Good luck!



    Hey R
    For many it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Some will tell you they just applied by the internet and got hired, but the ones who were persistant will swear that that’s what gave them the edge. For hints go to the message board at
    Look back through the old posts for ideas. I’ll side with Glenn that the Denver job fair is the one you want to attend. The hiring managers are there and they are the ones you will want to meet.
    I believe the other job fairs are HR people.
    It’s not likely that many will remember you after the fair, but if you call and keep in touch, you are likely to be the first name they think of when a last minute position comes up. Be prepared to go at the last minute and let them know they can count on you. If you get hired as primary or alternate do your medical as soon as possible. Lots of people fail to complete everything in time and leaves openings for people like you who got things done in a timely manner.
    Good luck

    Baghdad Jim

    @Mike In McMurdo wrote:

    …The hiring managers are there and they are the ones you will want to meet.

    So, no one currently on-site does any hiring? Or can site management still make personal req’s themselves?

    Ours were like the latter whereas they, (Halliburton/KBR), had about 200k resumes and generally screened them using a third party recruiting subcontractor…but some people, like me, got our resumes to the directors in-country with recommendations from people they already had on the project. They had the approving authority to tell Houston “I wan’t this person and I want them slotted against in that billet”.

    They had to put a stop to that because we ended up with a bunch that were so unqualified for their jobs that even the Client noticed—and that was embarrasing.

    Now, they try to only allow personal req’s for key positions or unless several layers of management are in the loop. Most of the time anyway, sometimes there’s just not time to screen new people off the street though.

    Sooo…does this mean that it won’t help me much if I cheese up to you guys beforehand and promise to bring a box of your favorite cigars in order to make a certain 13 month contract that I’m eyeballing in McMurdo Station starting around October? :mrgreen:


    Jim, nobody that hires stays the winter. They will all be in Denver for the job fair next month. That’s the people you need to shmooze. Go here and read back the last few years of posts about getting hired. There’s lots of advice from lots of people.
    http://groups.msn.com/Antarcticmemories/leaveamessage.msnw … ssage.msnw

    In a nutshell we can get you through some of the hurdles but most involve persistance on your part. I didn’t catch what job you are applying for, but if it’s like most, you are one of many applying for the same position. If possible go to the Job fair. If you are indeed in Baghdad that won’t work. What you need are names of people to keep in contact with. You need the stick and carrot to keep your name on top of everyone elses.
    We all have a gut feeling that anyone going to the fair this year will have a big advantage. The info for the fair is very difficult to find on the internet and may result in only local people attending. If that happens you may find yourself meeting the hiring managers more indepth.
    good luck

    Baghdad Jim

    There’s several positions I’m going to submit for–quite a few open, (or at least still listed).

    A few slots in housing–interesting..I did that for my first 1.5 year over here. I had a hair under 4000 bedding assignments for DoS and Military people on the Embassy Compound…then they handed me the employee camp when I came back from my first R&R–they reduced the BOE (staffing requirements) when they saw it only took two people (1day/1night) to house 900 employees.

    For some reason, the Manager had 4 people slotted in that tiny office–all on dayshift no less.

    Guess we’ll have to see if the portal is going to show me some love…

    mebbe if I send it flowers…

    Baghdad Jim

    Well, I can now affirm that the resume’ submittal thru Rayjobs works…although I didnt get one of the positions I was applying for.

    I’ve read all over about how it’s a long-shot by not going to the jobfair so I was worried that submissions were last-stringers barely looked at…at least now I know they’re reviewing the resumes submitted, (and thats a ton more than most companies–who leave you hanging w/o an answer.)

    Thank you for submitting …
    … Although you were not selected for this position, we appreciate your desire to expand your career.

    I use those last five words when responding to someone not-qualified, an irony…but I’m sure its a competative offering. The, humor is that I can print this and frame it for the guys out front.

    But to get a reply in 5 days, I’m certain, is the fastest I’ve seen for gov’t contractors—encouraging at least.


    Jim, the beauty of the job fair is that you get to talk with people before you get the rejection. Hopefully you make and impression first. I still wouldn’t take it as a no. Use your follow up skills and see if you can find a way to keep in touch.
    If you were going for housing. There is only one coodinator job and they will probably hire back last years person. There are leads and other office jobs as well. Apply for anything you might be remotely qualified for.

    Baghdad Jim

    Mike, I did apply for everything I was qualified for, except food service. Long ago, I gambled everything to get out of that field…found a buyer and never looked back. I think I would prefer tracked vehicle maintenence–although I’m hardly qualified, (just used to drive a certain irradiated one).

    Got another ‘not in consideration’ for another Admin but the housing still says recieved…ya never know.

    Baghdad Jim

    hahaha….they’re gonna think I’m off my rocker!

    I just looked at my numbers I’m submitted for 17 different positions so far. Got an email from a recently former fuelie who’s actually IT off-ice so it kinda’ inspired me to go whole-hog and apply for anything to get my boots on the ice.

    And I’ve not even gone through the entire list, yet.–heheh–they’re going to be using my cover letters for origami and scratch-pads.

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