Families on the Ice?

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    This season will maybe be a little different for me. although it would be my third season, my son has decided to try for a job Down South. Hopefully he will get a job offer….he just got his phone interview…..and we will both pass our medical.
    My question is: how many other related people come down each year? Last season I heard there was a father and his two sons.


    There are a few. For several years the Fleet Ops supervisor was there with a varying number of his children and his wife came down once. The building maint. guy for Crary has had his two children down. An equipment operator had a son who worked in the heavy shop…the list could go on and on….

    Been There

    In recent years the thing that has happened from time to time is a parent of someone that has been working in the program decide to the follow their child and begin a second career working on the ice. I believe the contractor has been very receptive too hiring family members since, in most cases they get high quality people that already have a good understanding of what they are getting into.

    I can tell you that past NSF/OPP managers 😀 throught highly of the practice of hiring family members, for the most part. There have been a few problems but overall it is a very positive experience all around.



    Woman on ice. This is your third season? When were you down last and what station?

    As the others said, there are lots of family members that come down. We regularly get father/son, father/daughter, brother/sisters, husbands and wives. One year we had a husband/wife/brother and sister.

    In general it’s a good experience for all. Since it’s somewhat of a freshman dorm environment, it can take a little adjustment to be living with your parents/children nearby. If you accept they are adults, you will enjoy the relationship.

    If you try to run his life, it may be a little hard.


    Yo, Mike — If I remember correctly, ‘womanonice’ is Becca, the Sandwich Lady. Makes darned good sandwiches, too. 😀


    So what about families off ice?
    Anybody interested in pitching in for those left behind for room and board?
    Just an idea…



    You’re more than welcome to send your own paycheck back home.


    Thats a given. Anybody out there that needs to pair up to make things easier?
    I’m thinking that for everyone that goes down, there is likely to be someone left behind.


    Back in the 2000/2001 summer/winter season I had 6 members of family on the ice. Me my wife, brother and his wife and his son and daughter. didn’t do too much together, had other interests.


    Thanks for the kind words, Atlas! It is true, it is I, the Deli Goddess..:)
    If I make it through medical this time (you never know), it will be my third season down. Always on the Deli, it’s my baby.
    If my son makes it down, it will be his first. Just kidding around I asked if he wanted me as a roommate. Of course the answer was no, which I was expecting. I did mention that he may be berthed at 155 and told him things to be prepared for to enjoy his stay there.
    And hopefully we will have the same days off ..always Sundays for me, as the Deli is shut on that day.
    If he passes his medical and if the budget allows, he may be coming down on Winfly. Otherwise with the rest of us in October.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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