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    So here we all are.


    Hmm. Please clarify… Are you jumping on a non-Ice opportunity, or an offer from RPSC?

    > When you went, was it what you wanted it to be or what was it?
    > Or for others, why keep going?

    To answer your questions, it was not at all what I expected. It was something completely different. I keep going because I found I love the Ice and the people, and “normal” work bores me.



    Sorry, I’m hoping for an offer from Raytheon.
    I might get some other offers that would make the descision tough.
    Thinking nothing is forthcoming from Raytheon makes turning down something else is hard.
    (just to clarify)
    I can’t accept any other contracts that might be offered if they run past September. Can’t take a 9-5 job if I’m going to quit in 4 months unless I negotiate if I want to work for them again. -Hey I might be gone for 5 months, but I’ll be right back….

    Can’t I just get a nice oct-feb job on the ice, and pick up a fortune 500 job that wants me the rest of the time? :ugeek:


    Spidey, I’m not sure if you are saying you are not going to take and ice job.

    Did another company give you an offer and you are going to take it?

    The mechanics of working a seasonal job can be tough. Lots of people just collect uninsurance. Others have a second seasonal job, like me working as a summer park ranger. Others yet, just travel. Sometimes traveling can be cheaper than going home, renting a house and hanging out.

    It was a big step for my wife and I back in 1997 to quit our jobs, sell our house and jump off the deep end. We sailed the pacific, lived in NZ and it was only a few years later that we found the Antarctic Program. If you can handle the winters, you generally work a few extra months over the summer folk. That translates into unemployment covering most of your time back in the states.

    In my state, California, I’ve found that having a summer job with wages here gets me an extra couple hundred a week from unemployment over just having Raytheon wages in Virginia.


    Just the hurry up and wait taking its toll.
    Also for planning everything being up in the air is tough. Of course it comes with the territory, but that doesn’t make it any easier.
    If they were a bit faster, you would have a calendar to plan around. Find 3 month job, get ready, go to ice, get 6 month job….
    So just my frustrations boling over, think I’m a bit better now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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