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    Hey all,
    So, quite a bit of time has passed since the MSN site closed down. I figure it’s time to purge all of the user names that haven’t been claimed yet. At some point I will go through the database and simply delete any user names that haven’t got an email address attached to them.

    If there are any people who haven’t been able to claim their user name from the MSN site and you want to claim it before this purge, now would be the time to get that done. As I am extremely busy with work stuff, I can’t tell you when I’ll actually get around to cleaning up the database, but it will be within the next month (or so).

    The site will have to come down when this happens, but a notification will be given at that time.



    OK, that’s all been done. old MSN groups usernames that haven’t been re-claimed here and didn’t have an email address attached to them have been purged from the data base.


    Who spilled the beer? You know thats a crime in some states…


    haha…that would be me. Got it all dried up though and everything seems to be working again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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