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    I’ve heard there is an end of contract bonus…
    What percentage is it?

    I’ve also heard that there are people (Upper Managment) that can knock you out of it…
    How do you qualify for the bonus…
    How hard is it to keep?
    Whats the reality/chance of making it to the end of the contract and actually getting it?


    There is a completion bonus. The amount is based on a person’s number of seasons on the ice and a performance evaluation done by one’s supervisor. The percentages go from 0% to 28% with most people looking at 16% – 20%…for a first-timer down, as long as you keep your nose clean, show up for work etc… you can almost count on 16%.

    Yes, managers can “knock you out” of getting a bonus – it doesn’t happen often, and the justification is usually punitive….Same applies with you actually keeping your bonus. Just because the paperwork has been done, doesn’t mean the deal is sealed. One is still obligated to act like a responsible adult until getting off the plane in Christchurch. That said, the vast majority of people do act like responsible adults and do receive their end of season bonus; in a timely manner nonetheless.

    As I recall, Raytheon changed the bonus structure when they were awarded the contract. Any new contractor may change this as well.


    The bonus structure is tied to your end of season performance review. This is pretty much like any company’s review, except you are considered on call for 24/7 if needed and your afterwork behaviour can influence your eval. There is the odd drunken fistfight or the person who gets plastered drunk and throws up in the hallway. There is little tolerance for any of that. You would probably be fired or at the very least have your end of season eval knocked down a notch. People who get fired don’t get the bonus at all. After that most get the average or one up. As with most companies, HR gets involved with the very low and the very high evaluations. One of the better HR things. Short of aggrevious things like fights, stealing, vandalism etc. ‘ if you don’t have written warnings about job performance and have been previously hauled into HR, then you aren’t going to get the bottom level. No more you think you are doing a great job and the manager gives you a bottom level eval. As mOloch said, once you have your eval ( a week or so befoe you leave) you are still expected to be professional right up to landing in Cheech. Anything really bad you do will retroactively change your eval.

    But again, that rarely happens, if it happens at all. I’ve never heard of it. Mostly, Keep your nose clean, do the work you are assigned, keep your bosses informed about progress and problems. Don’t get in a fight. You can drink, party and have fun, but don’t be the person who everyone wishes was someplace else.


    Pardon my newbness, as i have never dealt with a job that handles bonuses, but it is 0-20% of what exactly?


    @tehashi wrote:

    Pardon my newbness, as i have never dealt with a job that handles bonuses, but it is 0-20% of what exactly?

    It’s 0-28% of your total gross pay while you were working on the Ice.

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