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    When on the ice you use “raycats” to apply for a job and when you get off the ice you only have access to “rayjobs”. You can’t access the “raycats” site so I reapplyed on “rayjobs”. Now I hope that I don’t have to reapply again on the new site. I do have a contract for one job but I am also trying for another job. On the new site the other job that I want is no longer advertised. I just hope that it went to the hiring manager before the site changed.


    @cap’nsteve wrote:

    When on the ice you use “raycats” to apply for a job.

    Raycats is now Rcareers and they changed the login and profiles like they did with Rayjobs, so the two basically have the same setup. I just logged into Rcareers today to reapply for jobs next season, and there’s about 206 jobs posted there, while I think Rayjobs has only 160 or so.


    Howdy from Bill Erhardt Helena, Mt.

    I redid my log in, profile, and uploaded my resume. I did receive a call from Joe Harrington (IT Manager) and he said he would get ahold of me this week or next. He told me the raycats was also changed as mentioned above but he did recover my job submission I placed while at McMurdo. Will wait and see if I am selected for communications.

    All is well in Montana and finished all training for this seasons wild land fires. Have helicopter refresher training in Missoula, Mt. in two weeks. I also have to redo my Hazmat and background check (required every two years in Montana) for my CDL as I chase Initial Attack Heilo’s around Montana with a few hundred gallons of Jet A. Another summer smelling like fuel again…

    Cheers from Bill (aka Smokey)


    From a VERY reliable source (read, on the ice) who said I could quote…

    The change from HireRight to BrassRing was a Mother Raytheon decision, NOT RPSC, and had nothing to do with anything related to Denver or the upcoming contract award.

    “As for having to create new stuff – you will have to create a new profile and upload any resumes and cover letters you want in the system
    available for attachment to applications. None of that info was carried over in the switch. However, all active applications were carried over.
    If you had a current application for a 2010 – 2011 position, you do not need to re-apply.”

    This is what is being put out by the HR people at McM and Pole…and it applies to RayCats/(now Rcareers) as well, from what I hear.

    Further research is underway…


    My advice: If you haven’t got an offer letter yet for the upcoming season, and you want one, reapply via the new brassring powered site. I know I would be upset with myself if I didn’t think that I had done absolutely everything in my power to secure that offer letter!

    AGE Dave
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