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    So I now might be being considered for a GA position and I was just wondering if anyone could supply me with any feedback about what all the job might entail in the winter.
    Would love to hear from you all!!



    Hi Karkar,

    Still hanging in there? Good on ya’!

    I don’t know exactly what you’d be doing as a GA (by definition GAs do a lot of different stuff) but I do know that a lot of GAs like their jobs. I would prefer it over DA.


    Baghdad Jim

    I would imagine the sarcastically funny descriptions found on BDP are likely accurate. Not a handymany but 100% gopher.

    I just got an email about that too although I don’t presently recall applying for a GA position. I’ll see what they want and politely decline if it’s just for the end of the summer. Might consider it if its a winter contract—but unless they were willing to make special concessions, I’ll not even be able to take that. Even though I want nothing more on the ice than continual winter contracts.

    Glenn, remember all that about me being burnt out up here? Well, Irony is paying a visit. I’m recently finding myself entering site management and quitting now for that coveted winter contract–regardless that it’s a GA slot–well, I just don’t know.

    But then, it just came about today so I’ll be thinking about this for a while to come.

    Been There


    If you actually get a position for this coming winter be sure to stop by and say hello. Ask Glen were to find me, he knows.

    Been There

    Baghdad Jim

    @Been There wrote:

    If you actually get a position for this coming winter be sure to stop by and say hello.

    Deal 🙂


    Bagdad Jim,

    Do you know which department is considering hiring you as a GA? The job varies depending on which dept you work for. Being a GA is nice, no stress – you just do the job and go home at the end of day, and let the higher ups deal with the stress. And there’s always a great variety, you never know where you’ll end up working for the day. I loved being a GA, it was the most fun I’ve had in a job down here yet. But again, it really depends on which dept hires you… Anyway, it’s the best of the entry level jobs (GA, DA & Janitor).

    Good luck – Zondra

    Baghdad Jim

    Zondra, nope…dunno which dept yet…still waiting on a reply but seeing as how there’s one more business day in CO…we’ll see. Like always, I get on here and post as the slightest quiver of a prospect; albeit a 5 month hiatus.

    ya know, I haven’t been to your site in about as long, think I’ll check it out in a few.

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