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    Hi All

    Am currently at the South African SANAE IV base and i am trying desperatly to get on the air.

    First issue is the background noise … I am sitting with S9 sometimes S9+ noise .. the rig (FT-857) is grounded and i’m using a long wire bowtie antenna for HF.

    So the questions:

    Are there clever noise cancelling tricks just for the region … i know there is plenty of static in our base … a walk down the passage without grounding yourself constantly is very shocking (sorry could not resist).

    Are there regular sked times and frequencies that i could try join in on?

    Any possible antenna guidelines, i also have a coiled vertical for mobile use back home.

    General pointers ….

    Thanx for the help and look forward to catching you on the air.

    (SANAE IV, 71 40′ S 2 51′ W)


    My guess is that the noise you are hearing is being generated at your base.

    We generaly don’t have that much noise.

    You might try to go”mobile” Get as far away from the station as you can. Make a simple dipole cut to 14243. string it between a couple poles in the snow. Hook the radio to a 12v battery if it can be powered by 12v. Tune to 14243, that is the common antarctic frequency we are usually on, and see what happens.

    Our antenna is pointed north and doesn’t receive well sideways, but listen for us New Zealand time at 1pm to 3pm on our Sunday afternoon.

    That is somewhere around 1200gmt. We’ll see if you can hear us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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