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    I just got a phone call from one of my contacts, who said that Raytheon and NANA Services just got the official confirmation for another one-year extension.

    Can anyone else confirm this?


    RPSC did get offered an extension for 12 more months, it is true. NSF will now announce “the winner” one year from now, from the three finalist, KBR, CH2MHill and Lockheed Martin. It was explained that NSF wanted time to get all of the protests out of the way and have a smoother transition over to the new company, instead of having the handover start this October, with protests occurring at the same time.


    I am speechless.


    Awesome. My contact was so surprised that even she wasn’t positive, even with the confirmation sitting in front of her! I can’t say I’m surprised… it’s already October, and expecting a new company to completely take over by March 2011 and run efficiently would be a bit baffling. They should have announced a winner several months ago if they didn’t want to draw this out any longer.


    At this point, it’s probably good for everyone. The current staff isn’t looking at losing their job in the middle of a recession. Whoever takes over gets a little time to plan the takeover. At this point if they had not given the extension, a new company would not have a lot of time to put systems in place.

    I’m going to just sit back and take a wait and see attitude. The old adage,” be careful what you wish for” applies here. Nobody has a clue what the program will look like under a new contractor. Could be great, could be way worse.

    One of the companies has northern polar experience, the other two have none. As with any contract change, all will have a steep learning curve as they get going and the people on the bottom will feel the brunt of the problems. I’m happy to push it off a year.

    I would imagine just like the current contractor, after a few years the program”s rough edges will smooth out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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