Re: Some quick info on the program


My name is Atlas.  I work in the IT department at McMurdo.
Before any of us can answer your questions, you have to answer some of ours:
1)  Did RPSC tell you what station you’d be working at (there are three)
2)  Did RPSC tell you how long your deployment would be for (could be from 4 mos. to 14 mos.)
3)  What do you work on?  (light or heavy vehicles, furnaces, refrigeration, generators, etc.)
4)  Do you like the cold?
5)  Why would you come here when you can probably make more money in the Middle East?
Just to get you started, please read through previous posts.  Even though alot of them ask about jobs unrelated to yours, the processes and descriptions are the same.  There’s alot of good info in this discussion board.
I’m sure Mike will chime-in, soon.  It’s his website.  🙂
Take care.  Might see you here soon.