Re: MSNBC vs bigdeadplace

Baghdad Jim

After reading a ton of McM blogs, it looks like every one already gave him a break w/in 3 days of it.  In hindsight, It was even worse

he has the power of marketed worldwide attention…and thru his own actions with that power, was made to feel like the local annual scum for a day or so.
As you see on this and other sites, I did my venting posting at the ‘tourist incompatible’ side of it.  Now I see he’d already been made to feel low, long before I’d even read about it.
Now he’s calling it a Colony, with a capital C. You silly colony dwellers 🙂
One thing I will acquiesce too…he a non-scientist focusing on the project so it’s not reading like so much of a sitrep but manages to put some of the other people in there–the 90% (?) pop contractors.