Re: Looking for some AGE folks

Random Hero

I recently filled out my Hirerite application and wanted to see what the job might consist of down there. Just your standard questions.  I’m an AGE contractor currently in the Caribbean.  And before you yell at me for thinking of leaving a tropical island, I have to tell you it’s not by choice.  The contracting slot down here was lost during a re-compete for the contract.  I’ve definitely enjoyed my time overseas so I’m not ready to go back to the states just yet.  One of my buddies told me about Antarctica and I jumped all over it. Something to tell my future kids about, you know.  Yeah kids, did a stint in Antarctica.   I haven’t heard anything about the equipment or working conditions, so I was just curious to know if anyone out there had any inside knowledge.  So anything you’ve got would be helpful.
Thanks for the assist.  You seem to be the go to guy for info down there.  Keep it coming.
Thanks again guys and gals