Re: I got WinFly!


Of course you can bring a music player with you to work…  however, how much you get to listen to it depends on your job.  Do I understand that you’re a DA?  What I’ve scene in the past is that the DA’s & kitchen crew will have stereos running with music playing.  The DA’s rotate through different jobs:  the pot room (washing pots), the dish room (washing trays & cups & silverware), stocking/cleaning the galley, putting food out on the buffet line, taking out the trash etc… for some of those jobs, I don’t usually see the DA’s listening to music… BUT, for some of the jobs, like the dish room and the potroom, the loud stereo going is what it’s all about.  I love going through the dish line (to drop off my tray & other dirty dishes), and seeing the DA’s rockin’ out to tunes.  If I recall correctly, there’s a boombox (CD, Tape, Radio player) in the dish room, and one in the pot room.  I think maybe people have figured out how to hook their I-pods up to them.  If you want to be totally sure, bring your own set of speakers that you can plug your I-pod (or whatever your music device is) into.  Do be warned:  I heard of a DA (maybe a couple of them?) who’s new I-pod broke on the Ice.  Turns out that the steam in the dishroom, in contrast with the dryness outside, did something to the I-pod, and it no longer worked.  Maybe consider getting an otterbox, or some other type of protection for your music player.  I’m considering getting an I-pod for this Ice season, and if I do, I’m deffinetly getting a good protective case for it.  The Ice is hard on things.
As for other jobs, each one varies.  I can listen to headphones at my desk job, but then I have to keep taking them off to answer the phone, so I don’t always do that.  If you have a job where you’re in a vehical all the time, get a small little radio transmitter that plugs into your headphone jack, and then tune the vehical’s radio to that station.  I think I’ve scene about every janitor with headphones, and a lot of trades people while they’re out in their jobs all day.
Load up lots of songs… they’re nice for the plane ride there, and at the gym, and all sorts of places.