Re: Finally get to go to Antarctica


Congratulations!  In Denver, your hotel and breakfast will be paid for by Raytheon and they will have a catered lunch during orientation.  They also will send you a coupon for shuttle service from DIA to your hotel.  You may have to pay for a shuttle after orientation back to the airport, about $25.  After orientation, which consists of sexual harrassment issues, safety, insurance, and tax stuff, they will give you $300 for your expenses from that time and in NZ.  In NZ then, you will pay for your hotel yourself.
There is a section in the Participant’s Guide outlining what items you need to bring with you.  It really is not a problem packing for 4 months in one bag.  We do have laundry facilities on the Ice.  And there is a library, vidoes/DVD to check out in the store, sporting equipment to check out from Gear Issue and many items to skua. 
From Denver on, you will be in the company of about 100 others heading down to the Ice, some of whom have been there before.  They will freely give you advise on getting your ECW gear and packing for the flight out of Christchurch.
I hope this helps.  I’m sure others will be jumping in with information soon.
Shuttle Sharon