Re: Computer question


Hey man

Definitely bring a Mac if you are buying a new computer. A good number of the Tech guys down there are all Mac users. Also, you don’t have to worry about setting up your connection. OSX will automatically be able to log you into the internet. A decent number of people had difficulties getting their PC’s to connect in.

Another thing is, the tech guys don’t have to put the virus protection program on your computer since there is no known virus for the OS X platform. SO when you get down there and there are 50 people waiting in line to get their Dell’s current and running, you can just cut right in give them your name and show them your Mac and you are on your way, easy as that.

Also, if you make friends with the IT guys, you will be able to get a connection on your room. I had one in mine most of the summer last year. Anyone can log on (excluding those in Hotel Cal, and MII) if they are given the current number to dial.

have fun